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If you are seriously looking forward to start a travel booking website, then this Advanced Bus Booking Script is the perfect key for you, since it is enriched with an essential features needed for the bus booking industry. We have developed Online Bus Booking Software to help entrepreneurs like you, so that you do not start from ground level to build your website be any country or continent.

Bus Booking Script is beneficial for both the users as well as the bus agents. The user account page enables the view of all transaction details such as registration, cancellation, refund status, etc.

For the bus booking agent: Bus Reservation Script can use this website as means to get commission by sale of ticket. They can set their own price for the tickets. Separate login panel enables them to know number of seats sold; they can add bus photos, videos, and destinations. Refund policy can be set an each vendor and they can add their own rules and regulations.

For the admin side: Being the site owner gives you entire control over the website including a clear dashboard with a graphical view to understand overall sales details, agent details. The admin can manage settings for city, route, and service provider; add countless number of agents, commission details as well as the promotional codes.

Franchise Model: We are pioneers in the market to develop this special and highest advantage feature. This franchise model feature permits users to set up their franchise at any place. It is controlled by the site admin. The franchise can deposit the money, book the tickets, cancel the tickets as well as view the commission details. Site admin will have complete control over franchise and have clear view about the sale of tickets, cancellations and commission details. Thus, it is beneficial as well as convenient to all.

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