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A forced matrix plan is a multilevel marketing compensation plan in which there are many variations to the business model and tree grows in ‘n X n’ set width and depth. The distinct feature of the forced matrix plan has limited width. This allows members to have only set number of fore-front members as per the set width only. We have MLM Forced Matrix Plan Software which consists of 8 levels and it grows in 3X3 pattern.

The greatest advantage of forced matrix plan is ability to ‘spillover’. This unique characteristic of matrix plan will motivate your down-line distributors to sponsor mostly for their down-line which give more benefit to you. Spillover concept is as follows: you have certain maximum number of distributors that you can recruit on the first level, once the maximum numbers of people are recruited, if you sign up after that spillover or transfer to your next level and so on. As a result of this, both distributors that you recruit as well as the spillover distributors are below them, it will remain motivated and expand faster as they will get benefit from those above them. Our Matrix MLM Software is well equipped with all the above mentioned characteristics and an extremely user-friendly.

The members in the forced matrix plan are positioned in a sequential left to right and top to bottom pattern. In this plan the member is not allowed to select his position and only allowed to select the sponsor. The member will get commission on based level he is place at for a particular payout period. For example, tree structure is of 5*5 that means one member can have 5 members in his down line as a direct and will be paid for 5 levels. You can view our Forced Matrix MLM Script which will give you detailed view of how it all works.

Advantages of our software:
Admin control: Entire matrix level is controlled by admin. Admin has the ability to change contact us, about us pages and payment details.

Graphical Views: We have various graphical views to help users for better understand the depth of down line.

Payment Gateway and capacity: We have PayPal as the default payment gateway and we are also ready to customize as per your expected gateway. Our matrix has capacity upto 5*5.

Customization: Our script consists of open source code and developed by using PHP, MYSQL, and AJAX so anyone is having knowledge about these technologies can easily customize the product. We also have a dedicated 25 member team specialized in MLM ready to customize as per your specified requirement at a nominal cost.

Online within 24 hours: Once you buy our script within 24 hours your website will be live.


Advanced features:

  1. 4*4 matrix plan.
  2. 4 levels.
  3. Direct and indirect bonus.
  4. Manage minimum fund transfer amount and tax percentage.
  5. Manage minimum withdrawal amount.
  6. Manage membership plan.
  7. Product management.
  8. Reward management.
  9. Purchase management.
  10. Enquiry management.
  11. Company and member management.
  12. Payout management.
  13. Ads management.

User side:

  1. New user Registration
    1. Register using sponsor ID, nominee details, and personal details.
  2. Login setup
    1. Login with either mail id or profile id and valid password.
  3. Profile management:
    1. Dashboard
      1. Visual statistic of purchase value.
      2. Visual statistic of payout calculation.
      3. Visual statistic of users.
      4. Visual statistic of purchase detail.
      5. Numeric statistic of payout.
      6. Numeric statistic of purchase detail.
      7. Statistic of weekly purchase.
    2. View and manage account details.
      1. Direct and indirect bonus amount.
      2. Total received amount.
      3. Total balance amount.
      4. View basic detail.
      5. Nominee details.
      6. Personal details.
    3. Upload profile image.
    4. Edit profile.
    5. Change password.
    6. View genealogy structure.
      1. View level detail.
      2. View sponsor id.
      3. View profile id.
      4. View referral limit and count.
      5. View downline members’ detail.
    7. Payout calculation.
      1. View bonus type.
      2. View status.
    8. Send withdrawal request.
      1. Send withdrawal request to admin.
      2. Delete the request detail.
      3. View status of withdrawal.
    9. Cancel withdrawal request.
      1. Cancel the send withdrawal request.
    10. Mailing system.
    11. Membership plan.
    12. Received rewards.
  1. Product management.
  2. Event management.
  3. News management.
  4. Testimonial management.
  5. Newsletter.
  6. Social sharing.

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