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Special Additional Features

Affiliate Module :

Reliable Affiliate Tracking
Seamless Integration
Unlimited Affiliates
Affiliate Dashboard
Real Time Reporting

Currency Converter Module :

Visitor’s currency is automatically detected.
Exchange rates are fetched from Yahoo Finance. So they are always updated.
Exchange rates can be overridden if needed.
Convert and show prices in multiple currencies at the same time.

5 Different Payment Gateways :


Multi Language :

Supports, multiple languages
Powerful translation management
Multilingual E-Commerce
Translation for theme and plugin texts

Social Login :

Simply Click and Login Using
Google Plus

Invoice Module 

Invoice download in PDF format

I would like to happy to inform the Clients to use this script, that we will provide the Mobile Android App inclusive for this script only just $300 costing. This offer is only for one who buys our script within 7days, especially for Android app.

If you are looking forward to open a multi-vendor, multi-currency, and multiple online product selling website, we have a readymade solution for you! Our Multivendor Ecommerce Script supports upto 10 million products, thousands of categories and unlimited sub-categories.

Multi-Vendor Support – This script will enable the vendors sign up at your store and they can organize their own products and sales in a common marketplace website. You can have unlimited number of vendors at your store and you can expand by adding more number of independent vendors.

Customization – This script is a clone of Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal kind of business. It is gold mine which will reap you good profits ! The script is highly customizable where you can modify the homepage banners, categories, email ids, contact details and other necessary information. The script has responsive design and is adaptable to all the screens. It supports numerous products such as accessories, gadgets, home appliances etc.

Multi-Lingual Support – Our Open Source Multilanguage Ecommerce Script supports multiple languages which can be modified easily and the users can choose the preferred language.

Multi-City Feature – Through our Readymade Multi City Ecommerce Script the user has the option to choose any desired city. We have in-built price setting as per the city selected.

Multiple Currencies – Our script consists of automatic currency converter and supports multiple curriencies.

Admin and Vendor Management– Our advanced multi-vendor e-commerce script gives vendor a separate login panel through which within a single view, they can understand product selling details, commission details and manage inventory. Vendors will not interact or interfere with other vendors products and sales. The root administrator can have full control of the products listings, sales and transactions. The transaction happens between the root admin and the one who purchases the product. Finally the payments are distributed to each vendor based on the product sold through the admin. All the vendors can manage their own records of products sold and transaction for each product. You can set your own commission rates and auctions for the products displayed.

User Friendly-We are well aware that your vendor might not necessarily be a technical person, hence our UI design is very user friendly and the vendors can obtain the overall profit or loss of their business through the dashboard.

SEO and Social Media Friendly– Our Multivendor Ecommerce Script is SEO friendly and also integrated with different social media and has social media plugin.

We have put in our 12 year old experience in development of this product which best suits the industry standards and we also provide an after sales support which includes 1 year technical support, 6 months update and what more , the product is absolutely brand free!!


Advanced features:

  1. Search option:
    1. Location.
    2. Category.
    3. Keyword.
  2. Search result:
    1. Sort by popularity.
    2. Sort by average rating.
    3. Sort by newness
    4. Sort by price.
    5. Vary result view.
  3. Category management:
    1. Best sellers.
    2. Most reviews.
    3. New arrivals.
  4. Product management:
    1. Product gallery.
    2. Product description.
    3. Add to cart.
    4. Add to compare.
    5. Add to Wishlist.
    6. Star rating.
    7. Print the page.
    8. Review.
    9. Send to a friend.
    10. Related product.
  5. Cart management:
    1. Add to cart.
    2. Update cart with quantity.
    3. Apply coupon.
    4. Checkout.
  6. Checkout management:
    1. Billing detail management.
    2. Selection on payment option.
    3. Online payment.
    4. Order receipt mail.
  7. Wishlist:
    1. View Wishlist added product.
    2. Option for add to cart.
    3. Add and remove product.
  8. Compare:
    1. View comparison of products.
    2. Remove product.
  9. Profile management:
    1. Dashboard.
    2. My account.
    3. Update account.
    4. Change password.
    5. Order history.
    6. My Wishlist.
    7. Compare.
  10. Brand showcase.
  11. Product tag management.
  12. Deal management.
  13. Special products.
  14. Testimonial detail.
  15. Banner management.
  16. Newsletter.
  17. Social sharing.
  18. Comment management.
  19. CMS management.
  20. Security features
    1. Two factor authentication.
    2. Real time locking.
    3. IP management
    4. Hacker free.
    5. Firewall control.
  21. Cache features
    1. High speed downloads.
    2. Optimized CSS features.
    3. Browser cache management.
  22. SEO features
    1. Title & meta format update through admin.
    2. 404 page notification.
    3. 301 reductions.
    4. Social media link updation.

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