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WebSite-PHP is a PHP Framework which has the distinction of being fully object-oriented, and not requiring special knowledge of HTML or JavaScript. Knowledges of PHP and mechanisms for object-oriented programming (OOP) are still required.

WebSite-PHP is an easly Framework on PHP 5.2 and compatible with the database MySQL. With his 100% object programming you have a maximum reusability of the framework components and your job.

Lot of functionalities are already include in this FrameWork:
Ajax (easy use)
Multi language solution
Security / User rights
Page caching
HTML Editor (Editor)
Mail sender, Geo locatlisation
WSP Components (Button, TextBox, TreeView, DialogBox, ...)
Database access (Database Objects)
Advance debuger
URL Rewriting
Web Service, Sitemap
RSS feed generator and reader
RSA encryption (Form, TextBox, Editor, ...)
And more others (Menu, Dock bar, ...)

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