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If you participate in affiliate programs, one problem that you may encounter is that other people may remove your affiliate id from your advertising campaigns. They do this so as to substitute their affiliate id for yours (and "steal" your commission), or because they incorrectly believe that must pay more for products that you refer as an affiliate. This script prevents this problem, and is ideal for serious affiliate marketers. It is easy to use and setup and can protect an unlimited number of affiliate links.

Quick Link Cloaker is an incredibly powerful but amazingly simple link cloaker for your affiliate links.

It can used to cloak an unlimited number of your affiliate links:

This stops people from removing your affiliate id from the link, and depriving you of your hard-earned comissions.

This also stops who participate in the same affiliate program from substituting their affiliate id into your link and "stealing" the commission that rightfully belongs to you.

Here are some the reasons why you should use should choose Quick Link Cloaker:

Easy To Setup

You can install the software in minutes: Just upload the files to your web host, and then follow the simple on-screen instructions

Compatible with Virtually All Web Hosts

If your web host company supports PHP4 or PHP5 (and nearly all do), this software should work fine

Easy to Use

To generate a cloaked link, simple paste in any existing link, and the software will immediately generate a cloaked equivalent for you

Cloak An Unlimited Number of Links

The software works whether you want to cloak just one link, a thousand different links, or even millions...

No Dependencies on Third Parties

If you use some link cloaking services, you might find that all your existing links stop working, if the provider of the service goes out of business or moves on. Quick Link Cloaker however runs on your own web host as part of your own domain - meaning you have total control and peace of mind.


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