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Tenants/Landlords will be able to manage their basic personal information over the site. They will be able to add/edit details like first name, last name, address, password, profile picture and current location (city, state and country).

Search Property/View Listing

Tenants can search apartments over the site. They will be able to search for apartments by entering keywords, select number of bedrooms, select number of baths, apartment category, min rent, max rent. They can see the resultant listing of apartments based on their search criterion. They will be able to view picture, address, no. of bedrooms, no. Of bathrooms, contact no., short description.

Filter/Sort Search

Tenants can filter the results of their search over the site. They will be able to filter list of apartment by Location, Price (Range), Numbers of bedrooms, Number of bathrooms, apartment category. They can sort the order of their search results. They will be able to sort the order of their search results by Price (High to Low/Low to High), Time posted (most recent/most late), Location (City A-Z/Z-A).

View details

Tenants can select an apartment from the listing to view its details over the site. They will be able to view details like, Pictures of Apartment, Title of Apartment, Category of Apartment, Address of Apartment, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, Description, Parking area, Square feet, Available Date for rent, Price of Apartment, Contact Details, Security Deposit, Application Fee, Move-in Fee, Lease Term, Pets, Amenities. Tenants can add rental apartment to their favorites.

Sending booking request

Tenants can send booking requests to landlord. They will choose the start date and end date of the rental period from a calender. They can see their total rent on the request page along with moving fees.

Post Apartments

Property managers or landlords to post their apartment listing over the site. They can upload picture of apartment (4 Max) Title of Apartment (textbox), Category of Apartment (dropdown), Address of Apartment (textbox), Number of Bedrooms (select number), Number of Bathrooms (select number), Description (textbox), Parking area (numeric entry field), Square feet (numeric entry field), Available Date for rent (select date), Price of Apartment (numeric entry field), Contact Details, Security Deposit (numeric entry field), Application Fee (numeric entry field), Move-in Fee (numeric entry field), Lease Term (textbox), Pets (yes/no),Amenities (checkbox to select multiple amenities).

Manage Request Module

Landowner can see a list of requests received for a property by the tenants. On each request, landowner can view details like property name, tenant name, start date and end date of the request and total price. Renter can accept or reject any request. On either action, an email will be sent to the tenant regarding landowner’s decision.

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