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A content-managed website lets a non-technical person update a website through an easy-to-use interface, easily.

This is achieved through a CMS, a content management system.

What customers really want

We seldom find that basic CMS features are enough. Here are some features that our customers really ask for.

Multi-lingual support

Websites can be multi-language, and serve multiple countries. A multi-lingual CMS has some special demands, ranging from the visitor interface to the maintainability of the site's content. Read more.

Online databases

It's increasingly expected that a site has a database built in: products; projects; places; retailers; products.

Whatever it is, we believe that that data should be importable by you, editable by you, and that you should be able to even modify the schema of that data.

To achieve this, every Zenario site has a built-in Dataset sub-system, which allows exactly that to happen. Here's how.

Extranet and intranet

When you need to control access to web pages, documents, other data or functionality, you need an extranet or intranet type site.

We've built Zenario to have full user management built into its core. An extranet needn't be hard to deploy. Here's how to get started.

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