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Xaraya is an open source, web application framework written in PHP, on which developers can create web applications and enjoy considerable flexibility. Xaraya reduces web site development costs by introducing administration tools & services which separate form, function, content, and design. With Xaraya you work in a simple structured environment to rapidly develop websites with diverse content, and customizable functionality.Xaraya is the culmination of efforts going back many years and spanning several projects.The roots of Xaraya begin in ThatWare, originally written by David Kent Norman in the late 1990\\\'s as a Slash look-alike.

The author abandoned the project in 2006 and it is now defunct.In 2001, Francisco Burzi used ThatWare as the basis for PHP-Nuke.Shortly after, four developers working with PHP-Nuke started their own project, PostNuke.2002 saw increased political divides within PostNuke, and on 14 August 2002, John Cox, one of the founders, resigned. In total, 17 developers quit the project within a week and went underground with the unreleased PostNuke 0.8 branch. Several members of the PostNuke community joined this group.With 38 founding members, the new project set out at a rapid pace with much enthusiasm. The group revealed itself as Xaraya on 6 November 2002.

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