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RedBean is a so-called -on the fly- ORM layer meaning it does not require configuration files or a pre-existing database schema to operate. Instead the library designs its own database structure based upon your interactions with so-called bean objects. Using reflection technologies that are part of the php language RedBean infers the required schema from these interaction for your code. It will create the tables and columns your code needs on the fly.

RedBeanPHP is a compact library yet packed with features: auto-discovery of models, deep copying and smart import features will boost your productivity! 
Write less, do more!

RedBeanPHP is high-quality software. The library has been created in 2009 and is now considered quite mature. No major bugs have been found in years and only minor features have been added in recent years. The code base is being tested with every change, there are over 17438 unit tests for PHP 5.3-7.1 and all supported databases. The project is actively maintained and we take backward compatibility very serious. The code is well-documented.

As of RedBeanPHP 4, the core package has been trimmed down. Some less essential components have been moved to this plugin package during the clean-up. The plugin package contains the following components:

  • Support for CUBRID database for RedBeanPHP 4
  • BeanCan Server Version 1 and 2 for RedBeanPHP 4
  • Preloader (for eager loading features) for RedBeanPHP 4
  • SQLHelper, a Query Builder for RedBeanPHP 4
  • Old Cooker component for RedBeanPHP 4

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